General Information
Birth: September 3, 1999
Gender: Male
List of video credits

TheSuperdog19 is a Canadian YouTuber. He makes Webkinz videos, and sometimes makes TV logo parodies, mostly ones featuring PBS.

Blocks on QuackersClocksEdit

In July of 2016, TheSuperdog19 BLOCKED QuackersClocks for contacting his personal Facebook. He blocked him on other social accounts later on. QuackersClocks is still begging him to unblock him.


TheSuperdog19's email is known by a few people, like Timothy Ly and QuackersClocks, even TheSuperdog19 himself.

Real nameEdit

TheSuperdog19 wants his real name classified, so this wikipage will not list it. It was accidentally revealed in a lifestream, and was shouted in a very early video (it is doubtful he noticed this; it was vague).